Elgin, Iowa, town square bellWe offer two options:

  • Curbside pickup – We will pick your order and have it ready to bring out to your car when you arrive.
  • Home delivery – We will pick your order, and delivery it right to your home.

Who do we feel are great candidates for our new service?

  • Elderly. Do you have parents or grandparents that don’t get around well? We can get them their groceries right to their home.
  • Assisted Living facility
  • EVERYONE – we all lead very busy lives, work, kids activities, chores at home. Babies at home we don’t want to take out. Let us do the work and time for you.

Where do we plan to deliver? We are looking at a 15 mile radius from Elgin. We want to take care of our local customers, and we also feel this is a great opportunity to provide a service to these other area’s that don’t have this service from anyone else. So this will include towns like, Clermont, West Union, Wadena, Arlington.

How often will we deliver? We are currently going to start with once a week service and if and when demand grows, we will look at adding additional days. Currently Wednesday Afternoons will be the time to deliver.

What will it cost? We are going to charge $2.00 for curbside pickup and $5.00 for delivery. This is to cover time taken to gather orders, gas, and vehicle expense.

How do we order? We know online ordering would be great, however we don’t think we can justify the expense of launching such a program yet, so you will be able to order 1 of 2 ways. Call us at 563-426-5549 and one of our great staff members will be able to take your order and answer any of your questions. Please include a phone number to be reached at if you won’t be able to immediately view and reply to emails back should we have any questions with your order.

Tell your family and friends and get your orders in by 1 pm Wednesday.